If you need help assessing or managing your finances after a major life event, I urge you to call me.

Having lost my spouse at a young age, I raised and educated three teenagers on my own while working full time. I budgeted, invested, saved, spent and managed credit.

You don't have to do it alone. I can help you.

What makes me different? I do not offer or sell insurance or investments. I educate and guide. You pay me an hourly fee. There is no guess work.

If you are newly widowed, anticipating divorce, recently laid off or retired I can help you put your financial house in order.

I do this by a process we go through together. Each person has different goals; we each relate differently to money, risk and investing.

I can help you envision what you want -

recognize the obstacles limiting you - and teach you new ways of doing things.

I can help you identify your process and how to make things work.

My goal is to help you develop security by protecting and building your assets.

I can recognize your challenges and obstacles. We will identify your unique process and we will figure out how to make things work for you.

The first step is to evaluate your current financial situation. Second, we consider your lifestyle, values and goals. Third, we develop a plan to achieve those goals with a series of possibilities including those that conform politically, socially and environmentally to your views. We continue to monitor performance, analyze and respond to changing conditions. We meet periodically to review progress.

My desire is to become a valuable resource to you and for you during life events, whatever your goals may be.

As your mentor I will be your:

I will give you:

People of all ages and degrees of financial sophistication need help in providing for their financial well being. But very often, people in transition - first job, marriage, family, career change, inheritance, death, divorce, layoff, retirement - are pressured into taking action without adequate information.

That's where I can help.

Developing a plan, alone, to accomplish your goals can prove to be overwhelming. Since you cannot know all of the answers, you do not have to do it alone. With my professional expertise, and as a person who is experienced in life transitions as a widow and single parent, I understand your concerns and know how to help you.

Contact me today so that we can get started.